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There is both an art and a science to search engine optimization.  At Silentblast in Toronto, they both weave together, using proven content, linking, and web structure tactics to help our clients gain visibility. The result is an approach that is bound to succeed over time.

90% of Google’s users won’t look past the third page of results. That means you need a long-term strategic approach to SEO that doesn’t just make your website easy to find, but adapts to ever-changing search algorithms.
We can help your website achieve a top search position, and just as importantly, keep it.


A few client testimonials...

Ashton Renovations

Silent Blast has been our web designer for almost a decade now and has built us two sites. We depend on them to drive traffic to our website, along with our required efforts, and they have accomplished this through SEO for almost 5 years. Does SEO cost money. Yes it does, but what are the alternatives. Print? Digital is the way to go with everything, now and in the future. Currently SEO is our #1  source for leads. If you type in our key words into Google “Toronto Renovations” we are on page 1! Not only that, we are the first business listed. 

The Paint Guys

We could not be happier with our results! We're #1 for our search terms on page one of Google! Without Silentblast we would not be as successful as we are today. We get tons of great leads from our website. Our SEO improves all the time.  We just need 1 client a month to make a HUGE ROI.

For Sale Direct

We've been working with Silentblast for years and we absolutely recommend them for not only designing a top notch website, but also for SEO! These guys know how to rank our site top of page. We're number #1 on Google for our search terms and we're very happy about beating our competition. We're constantly improving which is is great and traffic continues to grow.

Bremner Pool & Spa

Antonio and his team at Silentblast have been providing us with SEO services for the past 10 years now and we are extremely impressed with their work.  The amount of new customers and business that we receive through our website has been growing substantially year after year.  Customers are having a very easy time finding us online and this is due to Antonio’s SEO services.   If you search for pool companies or different pool related services, you will notice that we consistently rank on the first page of Google search results.   Customers don’t have time to look through pages of search results, so the fact that Antonio has us ranked consistently high on page 1 of google searches provides us with a huge advantage over our competitors.   I would definitely recommend Antonio and his team at Silentblast to manage your website and SEO services.

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