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Why have local search engine optimization?

Having Local Search Engine Optimization done for your website means that your business is more likely to get found in your community, town, or city. When people search "locally" for products or services in their area, it's going to make a huge difference for your business because your visitors are relevant. Relevant visitors are more likely to engage further, and thus, you improve your chances of conversion 10 fold. More local traffic conversions = More money in your pocket.

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Fact: 85% Of Consumers Look For Local Businesses Online

Local SEO helps businesses target the right audience by increasing your website's visibility in Local and Mobile Search. Ideally you want visitors that are relevant and local because they are the most likely to buy what you're selling. Since optimizing a website is done differently for a desktop website versus a mobile website these two services may sound similar when also compared to regular SEO but thy are in fact, quite different.

Think of general SEO as broad. You want to be found everywhere and anywhere. Now, local SEO is more specific. We ask: where exactly do you want to be found? Toronto? And your answer may be more or less specific than that.

What makes Local Mobile SEO unique is the fact that we are ensuring your website is responsive, and functional for your potential customers using their mobile devices to do their online business shopping and research.

Everyone has used, or is at least aware of Google's integrated local search engine. Google prepares a list of local businesses complete with a map, and the business contact info including their website and even reviews. This is essentially what we aim for, when we optimize your website for Local SEO and Local Mobile SEO.

We want nothing more than to see you on page 1 of a local search, on any device. Let us integrate Mobile and Local Search engine optimization into your online marketing strategy so that your business can thrive where it resides.


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