Why You Need a WordPress Care Plan for Your Business Website

What happens to your business website after it goes live on the internet? Many business owners never consider this question, even though the pages they put online will be the most visible part of their company for years to come.

If you simply leave your website alone, there is a good chance it will become stagnant. Plugins will become outdated, content will stop being as relevant to the business, and hackers may even target the site. Naturally, those aren’t the kinds of outcomes you want to achieve.

To avoid these kinds of blunders, you need proper WordPress website maintenance. Unfortunately, most business owners simply don’t have the time or expertise to keep up. That’s why we offer a care plan that covers the details. It’s available for sites we’ve designed and ones we haven’t.

If you’re thinking this is something you could skip, you’re missing the bigger picture. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why WordPress care packages probably represent the biggest value-to-cost service we provide.

It Has All the Details That Make Your Website Work

Our care plans include everything you need to keep your business website running perfectly – including Canadian web hosting, content updates, and premium plugins for drag-and-drop page editing. You could easily end up paying thousands of dollars for each of these standalone services… or worse, forgetting to include them and hurting the effectiveness of your online marketing plan.

Care Plans Protect Your Investment

You’ve probably made a healthy investment into the design and development of your WordPress business website. Wouldn’t you like to ensure it lasts as long as you can, and that you get the highest possible ROI? With features like WordPress software updates and website backups, our team can keep your site running like new for years to come while helping you avoid website crashes and error messages.

You’ll Get Second-to-None Security

Website security isn’t an “extra” in today’s digital business world. You have to keep a very close eye on your data, keep hackers away, and be sure sensitive customer information doesn’t find its way into the wrong hands. With the WordPress care package you get access to malware monitoring, virus protection, and SSL encryption on all data transfers.

We’ll Be Here When You Need Help

Perhaps the most valuable (and underrated) feature of our WordPress care plans is that they give you access to live customer support when you need it. That means you’ll never find yourself digging through user manuals for an answer to an important question or wondering if you have a problem with your website. Just reach out to our team and get the information you need so you can get back to work.

Want to Know More About Our WordPress Care Plans?

If you want to keep your website (and business) healthy and growing in the coming years, then it only makes sense to protect one of your most valuable assets. And, with plans starting at just $79 per month, WordPress maintenance is something every business can afford.

To learn more, visit the Silentblast WordPress care plans page, or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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