Update 2.0.5

Feb 16, 2018

Mid February update to BlastBuilder…

Most of these things are very technical and under the hood, however always improving performance.


  • Plugin Icons are now shown in the updates core page.
  • Global JS is not included if safe mode is enabled.
  • Added url connection to HTML module.
  • Updated translation files.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Custom module SVG icons not displaying.
  • Fixed Load More button on Posts Module when there are 1000s of posts.
  • Fixed row background fallback image on row backgrounds on mobile for Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Fixed conflict with Button Module Lightbox and contact form.
  • Fixed missing trailing slash in paths passed to fl_builder_locate_template_order filter.
  • Fixed undefined variable in Post Slider module.
  • Fixed column width on column parent settings not working.
  • Fixed Posts Module pagination when order is set to author.
  • Fixed Number Counter module issue with DE lang.
  • Fixed SmugMug links, they now use https.
  • Fixed mobile stuttering issue in Number Counter module.
  • Fixed shortcodes being rendered twice when other plugins filter the_content.
  • Fixed issue where poorly coded themes styles were overriding the WP Core media modal.
  • Fixed sub menu styles when more than one menu is on the page.
  • Fixed rows set to mobile only displaying on desktop on IE11.
  • Fixed the nested columns equal alignment on IE 11.

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