Why is it important to Update WordPress, Plugins, and Themes?

As you may or may not know, WordPress runs on over 36% of ALL internet...
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The Cookie Law Explained

Ok, we're not talking about those delicious things....we're referring to website cookies. NOTE: This law...
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Chrome looks to flag all HTTP sites as NOT SECURE

Starting in July, any website not using HTTPS will be identified as "not secure" in...
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Share private encrypted files with Firefox

The awesome people at Firefox have a cool new web experiment we think you'll love....
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Email Client Market Share 2018

Have you wondered what email client your customer is using? In this post, we will...
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Should you switch from Chrome to Firefox?

Since it's debut Chrome has grown tremendously in popularity, and although it's reputation has since...
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Google My Business Listing – 2 New Features

There are a couple of new features in your Google Business Listing Adding Posts. Posting...
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Effectively Emulate Your Core Values on Your Website

When a customer comes to your website, you want them to automatically know who you...
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10 Website Fails Your Business Is Making

We all know having a website is no longer a luxury -- It's mandatory. A...
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