PageBuilder 2.0 Rolling out!

Nov 12, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that Blastbuilder 2.0 is now rolling out, in the next 2 weeks you should see the new Builder!
The interface has changed and we think you’re going to love it.

Here are some new features.

1. Tools Menu – We brought all of BlastBuilder’s various settings panels and tools into a new centralized Tools menu.

2. Title Bar – We added a title area to the toolbar that displays what you’re editing (Page, CPT, Beaver Themer Template, Etc.).

3. Flexible Settings Panels – We made settings panels WAY more flexible and customizable. They are resizable and dockable! Your personal preferences and tweaks will persist throughout the entire site.

4. Refined Content Panel – We reorganized the content panel, added icons, condensed the information. and, and we gave  add-ons like BlastPack and UABB the ability to do the same.

Along with various other improvements and goodies, we added a new Dark skin that, not only looks really cool, is helpful in dark environments or to create contrast with very bright layouts.

Here is a great screenshot!

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