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Google Mobile Search killing the desktop

This will be a complete game-changer for on-site search engine optimization.

Google has just started to roll out the “mobile First index” and it’s a doozie! It will change the game of SEO forever and change how your website gets ranked in it’s search engine. Here are a few thing you will need to know.

What is Mobile First index?

By now you know that Google crawls your site to add web pages to it’s index, just like a real person, it would view your website. It used to view as a desktop user. Now, that has changed as it will crawl your site as a “mobile user” instead. HUGE difference there!

For one thing your website might appear very different to mobile users, or you may have a completely different site for mobile users alltogether. This is bad because it can’t follow links that are not there. As a result, down you go in it’s index.

Keep in mind there are MANY variables here, like Speed – so if you site loads very slow, you don’t stand a chance.

Bottom line – Start with MOBILE first.

What if you don’t have a responsive site?

Great question, well it will be business as usual, except, you already know it will rank responsive sites better, so switch over ASAP!

Let us at Silentblast, help you in your Quest for SEO.