G Suite Training For FREE

Whether you’re new to Google Apps, Docs, Sheets, Drive or really any other tool under the G Suite umbrella, or if you just an old MS user, Google’s G Suite training add-on for Chrome will teach you some awesome useful tips and tricks while you actually use the tools you work with every day.

Once you install ( Again, only on Google Chrome Browser) you’ll see the new training menu in all your Google Apps (indicated by a question mark with the Google four-color circle around it.)The menu offers short training activities you can do while you’re logged in to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and the other formerly-called Google Apps tools that will teach you shortcuts, and how to use some of the services’ most common and helpful features.


How can Training for Google Apps help me?

Based on customer studies, organizations that deploy Training for Google Apps see an average of 35 percent higher adoption across Apps products. Here are a few examples of things you can quickly get your admins and end-users trained on:

  • Setting up your email signature
  • Recovering Deleted Email
  • Set Expiring Dates for Shared Documents
  • And hundreds more

Whether it’s to master Google Apps, Google Classroom or the Google Apps Admin console, Training for Google Apps can help your entire organization.


How do you get started?

Go to the Chrome Web Store Here to install your Extension.

Then visit the Training Center!