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Email Client Market Share 2018

Have you wondered what email client your customer is using?
In this post, we will dig into what what Litmus Email Analytics has taught us about email clients so far in 2017 and beyond.

The rise of webmail

In 2016, mobile steadily dominated email client market share, beginning and ending the year at 54%. While mobile still claims the majority of email opens, opens in web-based email programs has been on the rise—growing 4 percentage points in the past year to a total of 31% of all opens.

This is largely driven by Gmail, which has grown to claim 21% of market share (up from 16% a year ago). With over 1 billion monthly users, both businesses and consumers are choosing Gmail, especially as companies look to move their email hosting to cloud-based providers.

As Gmail rises in popularity, there are some keys you should keep in mind. Gmail has finally rolled out support for responsive design, improved font styling, and better support for many CSS properties. This means it’s now possible to build more accessible campaigns, have faster turnaround times, and troubleshoot less bugs, especially for a client with so much market share.

The top 10 email clients of 2017 (so far)

Gmail’s rise may be partially due to other changes in the industry. With iOS 10 and improvements to rendering in Gmail, users are migrating to their email apps of choice—and deleting the stock apps that come with their phones and tablets.