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Adobe Flash is finally dead

Back in 2010 Steve Jobs banished Adobe Flash from the iPhone. It was considered to be too insecure, too resource-intensive and too clunky for the fingers to deal with. Those were true statements and finally Adobe has admitted defeat.

Recently the company has announced that it would stop updating and distributing Flash player giving it until 2020 as it’s END OF LIFE date. It’s not a big surprise, nor should anyone loose sleep over this, the web will be safer, faster and much smoother without it. However, till then we still have to deal with it here and there.

Google has automatically blocked flash ads from running – you have to click them to play since 2015. FireFox started to block some flash elements last year MS Edge has opted for click to run late last year as well.

This leaves IE as the web’s Flash pusher – Does anyone still use IE? (That’s another story)

So long Flash – thanks for coming out and “getting out”