The Custom 404 Error Page

From time to time, it happens. Visitors to your site can get lost or find a page say on Google that does not exist. That’s ok. Most 404 pages tend to be quite boring and don’t provide much in terms of design or direction to the user.
Typically, if you’re using say WordPress, the default 404 page is nothing to write home about.

Why not have fun with this page? We think a well designed 404 page can be a good thing. So we’ve played around and came up with our very own as an example.

The idea is to get the attention of the user, and instruct them where to go or perhaps get them the information they are looking for. We did a generic approach here with ours.

Now depending on the CMS or platform, this can take time to design, but in the end, its’ a cool page to see if you stumble upon the dreaded 404 or Page not found page.

Give us a call and let’s get your custom page made.



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