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By now I think we all know that speed is rather important when it comes to your website and it’s performance, I mean who wants to wait for a site to load right? Or worse trying to navigate a website that is not mobile friendly.  Well, google has just released a new ( well not entirely new ) tool that measures speed on both desktop and mobile devices.  The product found here: Test My Site with ThinkGoogle. It’s certainly worth mentioning that although beautifully designed and all, they want to market to you. So of course you have to provide your email address if you want the full report.  We’d probably suggest trying the same thing on their developers website which does the exact same thing minus all the pretty display found here: PageSpeed Insights.


Now, keep in mind when running this tool, aside from the results it also suggests and shows fixes and also solutions. HOWEVER, some of those suggested fixes are just not possible on some of today’s complex or sophisticated websites especially those powered by some of the worlds most popular Content Management Systems like WordPress due to the nature of how they function.

So of course we did our own testing! We did ok, but not great, which lead us to realize we need to OPTIMIZE our own website, and found some merit in what Google reported. In the end, we decided to tackle our own website and after spending several hours, we went back to do our test and we were blown away. We pretty much doubled our speed efficiency!

The best part is…


What we found to be actually quite funny, was that Google’s own website did far worse than our own. Hmmm…Let me get this straight, you can dish it out, but you don’t take your own advice? It’s a little more complicated than that, as I said there are some suggestions (technical stuff) that just would not be possible to achieve.


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