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Digital Strategy

We can help you connect with your customers

Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking to outrank your competitors on the search engines?

Get more traffic, better leads and new customers from your website.

There is both an art and a science to search engine optimization.  At Silentblast in Toronto, they both weave together, using proven content, linking, and web structure tactics to help our clients gain visibility. The result is an approach that is bound to succeed over time.

90% of Google’s users won’t look past the third page of results. That means you need a long-term strategic approach to SEO that doesn’t just make your website easy to find, but adapts to ever-changing search algorithms.
We can help your website achieve a top search position, and just as importantly, keep it there.


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Free SEO Audit

Fill out the form and we'll analyze your website for common SEO errors and more.


Social Media Management

We can customize a social media strategy that is inline with your industry, and since no two social sites are the same, just like websites, we can develop a solution that has the greatest return on investment ( ROI ) for your business.

Web Marketing Videos

Web video marketing made simple, powerful and affordable.  Why not engage your target audience with a catchy 10-20 second video on Facebook, Instagram Twitter or your blog?  Great for services, promos and new product launches. Let's get your business noticed.