Silentblast’s Memorable Tech News 2011

It is coming around to that time of year again where news agencies; journalists; blog sites and bloggers alike scour the vast amounts of news that made up the year 2011. A lot of them will break it down into a “Top 10” format; utilizing a level of importance or popularity per say in the process.

We’re just going to go with listing out what we believe were the highlights within the Tech realm as it pertains to news and in no particular order.


Twitter continued to rise in popularity in 2011. Twitter proved in many ways to be the place to be or connected to in getting news as it happened. From first reports of “something is up” in the early morning hours in Islamabad Pakistan which would later be headline news of the mission to capture Osama Bin Laden by US Navy Seals; to the use of Twitter by protestors in the Occupy Movement. Twitter seemed to be more or less on the front lines of news at it happened by those on the front lines. One of the fascinating aspects of it all is; it is not news agencies breaking the news; it is just ordinary people sometimes witnessing extraordinary news as it is happening right in front of them.


Google is still the dominant search engine on the planet; which should be of no surprise. The term “search” and “Google” are now fused together to mean one in the same when it comes to the act of search. Google made news in 2011 by introducing for arguments sake; Google + (Plus). While there was some initial buzz on this social network; it appears to be somewhat waning towards the end of 2011. The common belief is that once Google fully integrates its other service offerings into Google + it will take off. This might prove to be a monumental task with the likes of Facebook well entrenched in the social media model.


Love it or hate it; Facebook is pretty much here to stay and is doubtful it will fall from grace much like MySpace. With the publics concerns over privacy based issues Facebook has had to revise its privacy policies several times. But the reality is; for those who are on Facebook is that the factor few consider is that Facebook essentially is free. For that there has to be some form of monetization on their part in order for everyone to enjoy the “freeness” that is Facebook. Facebook collects a huge amount of data on its user-base; and it is essentially for target marketing purposes. If Facebook users think the advertising is somewhat intrusive now; wait until they IPO and then the real onslaught will begin.


The man who shaped in so many ways how we listen to music; work on our computers, utilize cellular phone technologies and how we obtain them passed away many would say before his time. Steve Jobs passed away at a young age of 56 on October 5th, 2011 and to many while expected; the shock of one of the “tech” world’s most popular leaders passing away could not be ignored. He leaves behind a storied legacy; one that will be difficult to follow; certainly within Apple itself.

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