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We are silentblast

"Every great design begins with an even better story"

This is our story...

Since 2006, we have been building our reputation as one of Toronto's top resources for web design with hundreds of beautiful websites and a portfolio full of web design, development, and SEO success stories.

And as awesome and great as that sounds... who cares? What does this mean to you?

The accomplishments we are most proud of are the ones you will not find our resume. What truly separates us from any other design company is not our artistic instincts or technical abilities... as impressive as we think they may are *wink*.
What makes Silentblast stand out is the simple fact that we have been able to help the many companies we have been honoured to work with grow their sales, improve their public profiles, and for some, attract better employees. The websites we proudly built and created have generated more than 10 million visits (and counting), and have transformed numerous small & medium sized businesses along the way.

None of that comes from being clever or mastering the right piece of software. Though we are grateful and feel blessed to be given the opportunity to showcase our artistic and creative qualities/abilities, it's helping you generate revenue and growth that our passion is driven from.

Our clients love us because we love working for them, helping them get the results that matter to them. We strive and thrive in being your design, development, and marketing partner - 100% committed in giving you the online tools you need to grow and be successful.

It is important that you know this now about Silentblast;

Technology is great and we value, appreciate, and embrace it fully. However, we are not a design firm that is obsessed with cutting-edge graphics nor do we have a group of "techie" savants that are solely thirsty for trying, tinkering with the latest gadgets and/or endless lines of code. Our philosophy around this is simple and practical;
On the other end of your website is an actual person that should always be kept in mind and by getting to know them and your business, we are able to produce extraordinary results.

We are eager, excited, and are very much looking forward to working with you. Give us a call today at 416-900-0869 so that we can get started.

Our Founder & Creative Director

Growing up in Toronto allowed me to be surrounded, appreciate, and embrace the importance and uniqueness of all the incredible people this city has (different backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs, diversity, ethnicity). It was seeing all these different people with different ideas, different dreams, different purpose, wanting different outcomes, reaching out to different customer bases, strive to make their small business become successful ones that ultimately inspired me.

I founded Silentblast on the principal of helping my clients (each with their unique backgrounds and personal stories) achieve their goals and targets by striving for their online success.

With an ever changing world and technology that continues moving forward in leaps and bonds, I am confident that my 20 years of experience, knowledge, passion for design, creative and artistic personality, the amazing and supportive team I have working alongside me, and more importantly, the long lasting relationships I have built over the years with all my clients will contribute and impact YOUR business positively.

" Every great design begins with an even better story "
... let me help you tell yours!

What our clients have to say

Having worked with awesome clients who admire and respect us as much as we do them is beyond rewarding!


Mark Ashton

Ashton Renovations

This is the second website project that Silentblast has completed for our business. The first project was instrumental in growing our company into a recognized player in our industry.  I'm not sure of the exact number, however...


Lee Rand

Rand Market Research

"I would highly recommend Antonio from Silent Blast. He took the time to understand our needs and worked hard to deliver our vision for our website. The good news is that we are very happy with it and get lots of great feedback. The bad news is that our competitors have basically copied it because it is so good!!! "


Nadya Lawson


Never had a company merge our vision with creative design and the most up-to-date technology so seamlessly into a beautiful work of website art. There is no doubt that the quality of their service, their team and their product has increased our sales...


Sean Jones

Revolution Payments

The fresh, clean approach to design and their ability to translate our vision was a vital part of our online success! We're now getting more leads from our website!  The Silentblast team delivered above and beyond our expectations...

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