About us

Let’s not beat around the bush.
You’re here because you’re hungry to grow your business and you’re not satisfied with your current results.

You’ve probably got a website and you might have dabbled with some Facebook Ads in the past, but you haven’t seen the sales growth you were expecting from digital marketing.

You’re not alone, and we can help.
Everyone knows that online marketing is a lucrative source of generating leads and sales…
But very few businesses truly understand how to do it.

Why our clients hire us?

When you hire us, you get access to a robust team of digital marketing strategists, paid ads specialists, designers, copywriters, SEO experts, and funnel hackers.

Building an in-house team that’s less than half our size would easily cost $325,000 or more in yearly overhead. (Average salary of $65k x 5 team members.)
However, you can avoid all of the hassles of building and managing such a team by hiring us for a fixed monthly rate at a fraction of the cost – and we’ll fight for your business as if it were our own!

We treat your business like it’s our own.

Because when your business grows, we grow.
And our rapid growth is proof in itself that what we do works.
WebSuitable’s ROI-focused digital marketing is SO ruthlessly effective…
This year we’ll spend thousands of dollars on our own marketing.
Because we don’t just talk about doing this for our clients.

We actually DO IT. Every day.

Our team is comprised of some of the most talented digital marketing strategists, paid ads specialists, designers, copywriters, SEO experts, and funnel hackers across Canada and the United States.
And rather than keeping them all locked up in one of those stereotypical open office environments with glass walls and kombucha on tap (all of which you pay for, by the way) where productivity goes to die…
We’re a remote-first agency that keeps our people happy, stress-free, and focused on the mission at hand – a crusade against mediocre sales to help you turn every $1 of your marketing budget you spend into $3 of revenue.
For example…
In December 2018, we delivered one client a 425% return on their ad spend.
They generated $61,000 in net profit within 3 months.
We’re not bragging when we say that working with us is probably the smartest way to invest your marketing budget.
But if you’re thinking about working with WebSuitable in 2020, you should know something…
If you think there’s some sort of mythical Google loophole that will catapult your business to the top of the search rankings in a week or two…
Or you sell junk products to customers you don’t actually respect…
Or you think marketing is all about having the fanciest logo or catchiest tagline…
You should leave this website right now.
Winning the battle of business is HARD WORK and we’ve got the battle scars to prove it.
Yes, once it’s all up and running, you can indeed watch your sales skyrocket and earn revenue around the clock.
But figuring it all out and creating a well-oiled sales machine is 80% of the battle, and it’s not easy.
We don’t build “cute and funny” campaigns that look pretty but don’t deliver results. And we’re not trying to sell you a pipe dream.
WebSuitable is an ROI-driven digital marketing agency.
There are no smoke and mirrors here and we don’t pride ourselves on being the most unique, special-snowflake creatives in the world.
Instead, we pride ourselves on getting you measurable results and ROI.
Are you ready to increase your sales?
Here’s the thing….
We don’t work with just anyone.
We only work with established businesses who believe in the product or service they sell.
If your business has been stuck below $10,000 per month for the last several years and you’re ready to break through that plateau.
Or you’re a mature company that’s ready to crack the six-figure mark in monthly sales and scale to the moon…
We want to fight for your company on the battlefield of business and lead a crusade against your competition.
What we do isn’t a secret and we are happy to share what’s working for us and our clients.
It all starts with a free strategy session, where we’ll discuss your specific business objectives and challenges, and provide a clear path to victory.
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What we do

There are thousands of web design agencies in Canada, but there is only one Silentblast

Nobody hires us to create something ordinary or to simply stand back and shut up. We're a team of down to earth brutally honest experts in our field building long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients through Website Design, World-class Hosting & Maintenance & Digital Strategies that simply get results.

What we believe

We believe in open collaboration, clear communication and creating memorable user experiences that help your business stand out from the crowd. We believe technology is ever evolving and so should your strategy.  We believe in partnering with our clients and establishing long term healthy relationships that stand the test of time.  We believe we're the agency to help you tell your story.

A Message From...

Our Founder
& Web Director

Growing up in Toronto allowed me to be surrounded, appreciate, and embrace the importance and uniqueness of all the incredible people this city has (different backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs, diversity, ethnicity). It was seeing all these different people with different ideas, different dreams, different purpose, wanting different outcomes, reaching out to different customer bases, strive to make their small business become successful ones that ultimately inspired me.

I founded Silentblast on the principal of helping my clients (each with their unique backgrounds and personal stories) achieve their goals and targets by striving for their online success.

With an ever changing world and technology that continues moving forward in leaps and bonds, I am confident that my 20+ years of experience, knowledge, passion for design, creative and artistic personality, the amazing and supportive team I have working alongside me, and more importantly, the long lasting relationships I have built over the years with all my clients will contribute and impact YOUR business positively.

"Every great design begins with an even better story"
Let us help you tell yours!


Meet our Client
Advisory Board

We don't just work for our clients

We partner with them.

Our clients validate our company strategy, give us feedback on product roadmaps & participate in customer conferences.


Tony Cascio

Cascio Group Inc.

Mark Ashton

Ashton Renovations

Imran Patel

Bremner Pool & Spa

Anneka Anketell-Jones

Freelance Copywriter

Carm Chiarenza


Lee Rand

Rand Market Research

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