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Optimizing images made easy.

Optimizing images for the web is a daunting task even for us professionals. It is never fun or easy, but rather time consuming. I frequently get asked how do I reduce images for uploading to the website. We realize most if not all of clients don’t use tools like Photoshop as we do for these types of things, so after digging around I found a couple of really helpful and easy to use sites that do just that.

The biggest question is why should we optimize or make images smaller in size?

There are several reasons why you should, optimized images use less bandwidth and keeps the server load down which will be cheaper in the long run, especially those who have bandwidth plans/limits on their hosting accounts.

The main reason is load times, we are all aware by now that Google “penalises” slower loading sites so that alone is enough to talk you into optimising you images, also many users have slower connections and use smartphones and other mobile devices on 3G and image rendering times on slower connections can be time consuming and irritating for the user. Make sense?

Below are are 3 really great tools. Enjoy.


JPEGmini is a tool I have recently starting trying out, the results in my opinion equal the results from and Shrink-O-Matic and has a very easy to use interface which I feel will be an attraction to its users.
Visit: JPEGmini


Shrink-O-Matic is an Adobe Air application which you use locally from your machine, you can drop in multiple images and it even supports transparent PNG images, this is my favorite tool as you don’t require an internet connection to use the application.
Visit: Shrink-O-Matic

SMUSH.IT is a well know tool by the good folks at Yahoo! Again it offers high quality image optimisation and is used in browser, whats great about is it also has a very useful and FREE WordPress plugin.

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