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Google Instant is continuing to roll out and if you have for example a Google account such as a Gmail address in Canada you can see that Google Instant has already started to roll out at least within Canada. It has not rolled out in all countries as of yet.

What is Google Instant? Essentially it is a new search methodology enhancement that shows results as you type in the search bar. Results begin to appear as you type. Google is doing this to speed up web searches. Google believes that seeing changing search terms as you type will provide for more meaningful and instant feedback in helping you find what you are search for.

Is there going to be concerns with respect to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? There potentially will be changes in searches from the local perspective; such as typing in “mortgage broker Toronto” or “Toronto mortgage broker” where if a site has been SEO’d on those search terms there should also be relevant content speaking to mortgages, brokers and within that context as well locality.

A lot of SEO consultants and firms still believe and rightfully so with the local organic search model in that for the most part; people either type in a service, or product as an example and then a location; or vice versa.

Google has suggested that Google Instant will potentially change how people do search. There are differences of opinion in the blogosphere on that issue that will take some time to note if there is a significant impact as it relates to SEO.


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